virtual Home of William Rahal


William James Rahal is a modern-day storyteller. He has three passions: creating ideas to write about, traveling the world and winemaking. His focus is to create fantastic stories, to craft a most fruitful wine and travel the world sharing both of them.

William was born in a small town on Lake Erie Pennsylvania. His father was of Lebanese heritage while his mother twenty-two years his junior was of Welch ancestry. This loving couple of 23 years provided youthfulness and wisdom for him and his two siblings. As a little boy books surrounded him. His father had a very large personal library that was rumored to have been purchased from Alexander Graham Bell's granddaughter's estate. For years William went in search of what to do, his creative curiosity could not be calmed, even to this day. His curiosity has helped craft his vivid and unique daydreaming skills. Years ago his vision of creativity and business came together, when three consecutive nights of dreams about storytelling convinced him to make it a permanent part of his life. This present from the dream gods resulted in his first novel called Remi.

His journeys from New York to Florida and to his current home in California have all made for the right mixture of ingredients, which foreshadow what is to come from his pen in the future. For the past few years William has been traveling and homing his craft by working on stories to tell and wine to taste. He is currently a member of the California's writers club that helps motivate and encourage him through the writing wilderness. Recent trips include; Australia, Oktoberfest in Germany, Italy and domestic excursions. His most recent project the unofficial guide to Beijing Olympics 2008 & board game came from a trip to the Great Wall of China.