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Remmi by william rahal...

This is a modern-day story based on a young woman named Remmi who’s quest to uncover the truth behind her father's involvement with World Oil Corporation along with mysterious the death of her family, set her into a perilous cycle of retribution. Driven by loss, love and revenge this young woman brings to justices all who are involved with a murderous, greedy oil corporation.

We experience Remmi through a third person perspective where she is confined to an institution. Working from a psychotherapy couch Remmi speaks through a regressed state from which we learn the pieces of her twisted story.

The survival of a staged plane crash puts Remmi’s weaknesses up as a reminder of ordinary people striving for extraordinary things. With the aid of Remmi’s brilliant yet troubled doctor, (Dr. Soung) they, unknowing help each other shake off their personal demons from the past.

Remmi as the victim soon becomes the protagonists, which leads her to renounce society and rebel against the established corporate world of greed and injustice. Driven by loyalty and love a rogue federal agent, Dick Turks, pulls the strings of the characters to accomplish what is best for our country and its citizens.


chapter 1...


Remmi: a beautiful, brilliant, young woman. Her determination and strength to revenge her family forces her to go against her core. This makes her wonder if the blood spilled by her mind and heart will ever wash off her hands. Corporate greed throws this young woman into the deadly game of revenge.

Doctor Soung: A brilliant, fallen therapist. Scared and in shock by the recent loss of his family and career, finds light in the eye's of a heartbroken patient. Here he is able to rebuild the fire in both of them.

Dick Turks: A fringe federal agent that gets pulled into a vacuum of murder and conspiracy by the mob, World Oil Corporation, Remmi and her family.

Devereaux Estates: Is the Alcatraz of mental homes. This haven and hell, is the dumpster in which Dr. Soung and Remmi must salvage their life from. With help from each other they do crawl out of this wasteland.

Uncle Frank: His envy and insecurities mixed with his unstable nature made him willing to forgo family for fortune.

Sherman: Is a simple man whose love for Remmi helps pull her out of where she was and into where she is going.

Nokoosa: a good-looking mocha skin Indian that encompasses spirituality, goodness, strength and love. His passion for life and who are in it makes Remmi proud to call him brother.