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leaning tower of pisa These pictures are from a trip I took to northern Italy in the spring of 2006. I think it is ironic that I use the Pisa picture as my first one. Pisa was great and as I'm sure you know a must see but as far as I was concerned the surrounding area of Pisa was my least favorite place on my entire trip. This photograph below was taken on a tower in Florence Italy. There's a reason why lovely Lisa is not smiling but we'll go into that later.

L to R, Amy, Kev, Jim, Lisa and me

Check out the band of misfits that I had the pleasure to travel with.
church - Orvieto, Italy
This is a photograph of a church in the city of orvieto, Italy in the Piazza del Duomo. This was to be our group's first meeting point in Italy. Orvieto sits approximately one hour and a half outside of Rome on the way to Florence.

I recommend this city as your first stop out of Rome to grab a great glass of white wine and a snack while you take in some of the beautiful sites of this ancient city. This gorgeous city sits on top of a hill and the cafes sit beneath this magnificent church known as Duomo

I had planned for the group to meet here at 11 AM, but travel happened. Myself and Lisa's flight was 3 1/2 hours late and Jim's was 2 1/2 hours late also. Kevin and Amy were driving up from Naples and also were two hours late and we had no form of communication. Lisa and I were to pick up Jim at the airport and meet Kevin and Amy. Jim thought we had left him, so he took the train straight to Florence. Lisa and I, stuck with our plan and stoped in Orvieto on our way to a working winery that lies in the Tuscany region 10 minutes north of Siena. We had barely arrived in Orvieto and made a couple of wrong turns and Lisa recommended one more turned and who did we see leaving? Yes Kevin and Amy and this is how the trip began. We sat and discussed our war stories over several glasses of wine.